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At PureQuest Adventures, our aim is to provide one with the finest and the most memorable travel experiences. Travel should not just be stimulating, but it should captivate one’s inner senses, many years after the visit. We proudly present the most credible and comprehensive tour plans, crafted out with finest detailing.

    In depth destination knowledge
    Our experienced professionals have a thorough knowledge of the region gathered over several years of travel across a cross section of destinations ranging from the most well-known to the far less travelled. This vast wealth is available to you for creating unique exploratory voyages.

    Expert team with years of hands on experience and Qualified trip leaders
    A team of experts with real hands on experience and a great passion for adventure ensures seamless operations and a memorable trip for the customer. Trip Leaders are a key strength of our ground operations; we work closely with locally recruited leaders for their local knowledge and the enthusiasm to share it with customers. This also allows us the advantage to involve local youth into the ambit of tourism thereby generating resources and employment for the local communities.

    Innovative wide range of products personalised to suit your needs
    Our product team is constantly seeking, researching and establishing fresh innovative ideas to enhance value to the existing range of products and at the same time creating new possibilities. Our extensiveexperience of tailor-made holidays gives us a major edge when planning and operating well run personalised trips.

    Quality experiences with high safety standards
    Our team is committed to arranging authentic and enriching travel experiences of the highest quality with a strong emphasis on creating the magic moments. The health and safety of the tourist and our employees is also a top priority in our day to day work.

    Company committed to responsible tourism practices and environment protection
    Keeping in with our pledge to mother earth and sustainable tourism, our products are environmentally aware and involve local communities with a clear focus for tourism to benefit the communities and the local people.

    International networking drawing on well established partners
    PureQuest Adventures will be the beginning of an international network drawing on the capabilities of well-established destination experts enabling tour operators to find most reliable partners across the globe.

Coming together is a beginning,
Being with one another knows no destination.

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PureQuest Adventures E-29, Hauz Khas
New Delhi –
110016 India


Testimonials (3)

  1. Reviewer: Martin and Karin Mydliar located in 23, Greenhill Park,, Penicale, EH26GEX UK
    Our guide Mr  Bipindra has excellent organizational skills, his services were very smooth. Even the weather was not very ideal and prevented us to complete the original trekking route, Bipen found a very suitable alternate trekking route, which kept us entertained for the whole length of the trek. He always had the security of the whole group, including the crew, on his mind as a priority. In his spare time he always tried to entertain us with extra information about the county, people, culture, history or his personal experiences. His knowledge of all the aspects of visited places was extraordinary. The communication skills were very very good and he also proved very good contacts with local people, lodge owners, colleagues, guides etc. Though Mr Bipendra was experienced more then we signed up for or expected which was only because of his enthusiasm and commitment.

    Thank you very much
  2. Reviewer: Michael and Jeanette Scales located in Australia
    Excellent safe driver, very courteous, punctual and good local knowledge.
    Initial handover of travel documents and explanation – a very warm welcome to India
    Excellent Indian food served during the trip
    Car was clean, in excellent condition
    Upgrade received in Imperial, Delhi well appreciated.
    Will advise our travel agent in Australia of great value and quality of your service

    Thank you
  3. Reviewer: Graeme Brown located in Australia
    The Tour was very enjoyable and interesting. The driver and guide were all very friendly and made us feel welcome. Specially the driver made the long journeys interesting for us. We enjoyed our jeep safaris in Corbett but also enjoyed our journey by car from Delhi to Corbett. This tour is something, we will remember for a long time.

    Thank you

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  • American Society of Travel Agents
  • Adventure Travel Trade Association
  • WWF: World Wildlife Fund - Conservation Travel Provider

Our commitment to sustainable travel

We Support Sunrise Library offering books to schools in rural areas throughout india

3 most popular Trips (out of 10 total)

Along The Foothills Of The Himalayas

Along The Foothills Of The Himalayas

International Airport Authority of India, Delhi for 12 Days • Contact provider for price

Provider: PureQuest Adventures: India (3 testimonials)

Corbett National ParkCorbett Park’s 1318.54 square kilometers of virgin forest and jungle are home to numerous other species of fauna. The rich biodiversity of the park is a perfect place for bird enthusiasts; the area is considered one of the best bird-watching areas in India, with some 600 species having been sighted in the park. The different habitat types of Corbett Park i.e. mountains, Sal forests, chaur (grasslands), khair-sissoo forests, and rivers have their distinct assemblage of plants. More than… more

Offered September-June
Exertion level: 4
Comfort accommodations
Max group size: 20 people
Must form your own group? Yes (custom departure). Price based on group size.

Journey Through The Indian Wildness

Journey Through The Indian Wildness

International Airport Authority of India, Delhi for 14 Days • Contact provider for price

Provider: PureQuest Adventures: India (3 testimonials)

The natural wealth of the Indian subcontinent has remained unique, mysterious and fascinating for nature lovers. In Indian philosophy, life in any form is deemed sacred and it is advocated that compassion for all living creatures is essential. The worship of nature in all its different forms is an essential part of Indian cultural legacy. In its wealth and variety India’s wildlife compares favourably with that of any other country in the World. India has a rich diversity of wild… more

Offered October-March
Exertion level: 4
Comfort accommodations
Max group size: 20 people
Must form your own group? Yes (custom departure). Price based on group size.

Journey To The Highest Land Lock Sea In The World

Journey To The Highest Land Lock Sea In The World

International Airport Authority of India, Delhi for 11 Days • Contact provider for price

Provider: PureQuest Adventures: India (3 testimonials)

Traveling to Leh –Ladakh is simply an exhilarating experience. Ladakh holds immense beauty for the beholder; the mountainous desert stretches from peak to peak, a divine painting done in strokes of purple, brown and grey, with streaks of silver and patches of green along the Indus River. Safaris are also part of its tourist attraction. Exploring Ladakh on the Yak back or the camel, can be an experience worth taking back home.The moment you land on this amazing mountain town,… more

Offered May-October
Exertion level: 4
Comfort accommodations
Max group size: 20 people
Must form your own group? Yes (custom departure). Price based on group size.

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