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Volunteer Vacation Cook Islands

  • Rarotonga, Cook Islands
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“"These children will stay in my thoughts, in my heart, forever. It was amazing to see the difference between the… ”
Rarotonga,  Cook Islands, Cook Islands

from $2,595* per person14 DaysJanuary-March, June-August, October
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Few places in the world are as beautiful and idyllic as the Cook Islands of the South Pacific. Unspoiled ancient mountains ringed by crystal-clear, turquoise water attracted a hearty and self-reliant Maori people. Today, the beauty remains, but local people are challenged by a declining population, a weakened economy, and lost social programs.

You can help restore the island's vitality and learn about a fascinating culture. Our NGO host partner on the main island of Rarotonga directs our work to help bolster literacy, elder care and social services in several settings. Your "helping hands" and financial support through your service program fee provide valuable resources to reach out to the island's youth and adults!

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Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Cook Islands

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  1. Reviewer: Jessica Woiderski located in MI
    "These children will stay in my thoughts, in my heart, forever. It was amazing to see the difference between the island's elementary schools and the ones we have in the States. I think we could each learn a lot from each other."

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  • May accommodate certain types of disabilities. Contact the operator for more information.
  • Family oriented trip.


Cook Islands Work Projects

Global Volunteers' unique philosophy of service ensures your work projects help advance the host community's current development vision and goals. Always serving at the invitation and under the direction of host community partners, each Global Volunteers team member works alongside local people, and personally contributes to needed project financing through their service program fee. Our long-term commitment to work in partnership on sustained community development projects enables you, in just a short time, to serve as a critical link in a chain of lasting community enhancements. Volunteers can work on two or more of the following principle work projects:
Reading Program:
Students speak and understand English very well, but because the Cook Islands have a strong oral Maori tradition, their phonetics and reading skills lag behind. Volunteers work one-on-one with children to help them improve their language ability.

From a host partner: "I must say that the school has seen an improvement in its reading program and the staff have been freed to provide greater one-on-one assistance to the students with Global Volunteers coming to Imanuela for the last two years. So I want to encourage anyone who has been thinking to volunteer that your presence in our school greatly blesses us and I believe it would be the same in all organizations where Global Volunteers go."
- Jonathan Nand, Principal, Imanuela Akatemia
Library and Museum:
Volunteers also are needed in several libraries to clean and straighten shelves, creating card catalogs, sorting donated books, and protecting and filing archival documents.

"Each day we count our blessings that we have been very lucky to have Global Volunteers come to us. They are all very interesting, very willing to do anything we place in front of them. But, most importantly, their presence is the inspiration needed to unite peoples of different cultures. We thank you deeply and warmly."
- Johnny Frisbie, Cook Islands Library and Museum
Takitumu Conservation Area:
Cook Islands ProjectThis conservation area was established in 1996 to protect native plants and one of the world's rarest land birds, the Kakerori (Rarotonga Flyer). Volunteers are needed to help local staff repair existing trails, clear fallen trees, and do light construction.
Are Pa Metua Senior Activity Center:
Mamas and papas (respectful names for senior citizens) are well cared for during the day with songs and activities. Volunteers interact with elders by playing cards, talking with them, and taking part in scheduled activities.
Whale Center:
World famous marine scientist Nan Hauser created a whale sanctuary in the Cook Islands waters. The Whale Center is open to all people of all ages. and students flock there after school to study marine life. Volunteers may have an opportunity to work with Nan, researchers, interns, and visitors. Volunteers also help by rebuilding exhibits, teaching children, or scheduling class visits. At times they may be asked to assist with research tasks.
Health Care/Special Needs:
If you have experience with special needs, counseling, psychology, psychiatry, art, teaching, or physical therapy, you can help at the Handicapped Creative Center, a local center that provides care for adults who are physically and mentally challenged.

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