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Piedmont Biking: A Food & Wine Lover's Paradise

Piedmont Biking:  Discover a Food and Wine Lover’s Paradise in Northern Italy Europe Italy Piedmont, Italy

from $3,998* per person 6 Days May, June, September, October
Luxury accommodations Exertion level: 5
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Humbled in the shadows of the Alps. Eased by the slow pace of the Po River. Intrigued by the French influence. Grounded in its regal past. You're in Piedmont. It's a place of richness. The wines. The flavors. The truffles. The backdrops. Every turn a new view. Every meal a delight. Every stay, decadent. You may have never thought to come to Piedmont with all that Italy has to show you. But when you're this close to the Alps, your experience can't get much higher.

  • A sophisticated culinary landscape famous for its hazelnuts, cheeses, truffles and wines
  • Spin your wheels to the historic wine towns of Barolo
  • Rich homemade pasta - even more satisfying when created with your own hands
  • Experience the historic charm and five-star luxury of Relais San Maurizio

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Piedmont Biking: Discover a Food and Wine Lover’s Paradise in Northern Italy Europe Italy Piedmont, Italy

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Day 1 The gourmet paradise of the Langhe, known for its cheeses, hazelnuts, truffles and wines Pedal through Nebbiolo vineyards, where the world-famous Barbera, Barolo and Barbaresco wines get their start Toma del lait brusc, Murianengo and other local cheeses melt in your mouth at a special tasting.

Days 2-3 Spin through the five towns of Barolo, each crowned by a lovely castle  Explore 1000-year-old La Morra, with splendid vistas of the Langhe landscape  Got a nose for truffles? Find out when an expert and his canine assistant join us to sniff out the delicacy Enjoy a private tasting of Alba's grand vintages amid a sea of vines Linger over dinner in Bra, home of the Slow Food movement.

Day 4 Dive into eggs, flour and centuries-old traditions during a pasta-making class Our friends at Ca' d'Gal agriturismo (country retreat and working farm) share their delicious acclaimed moscat

Days 5-6 Superb Michelin-starred Piedmontese cuisine at Relais San Maurizio Ride to San Martino Alfieri's privately owned, 17th-century castle for a wine tasting and cantina tour Spin along the Tanaro River on a tranquil undulating bike route Inviting enoteche (wine cellars) abound in the famous viticulture towns of Barbaresco and Neive - why not pull over for a sip?

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