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Portugal Biking: From Vintage Porto to Douro Valley Vineyards


from $3,998* per person 6 Days May, September, October
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  • Porto, portugal
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Portugal will charm you. From the crisp white vinho verde, to Francisco, the Count of Calheiros, who welcomes you as a guest to his manor home. Portugal's charm gets to you at every turn. Two converted monasteries will be your hotels. Rich port wine will cap off each authentic Portuguese meal. The fado, a nostalgic folk music, will grip you. Every passing farmer. Every distinct blue and yellow azulejo tile mosaic on ornate churches in the sleepy villages you'll pass through. It's a charm that takes European culture, landscapes, flavors and wines and makes them uniquely Portuguese.

  • Roman ruins, Baroque manors and medieval castles
  • Glide on quiet roads in the Douro Valley with river views
  • Dine, lodge and dance with Count Francisco at his home
  • Gerês National Park, where a tableau of pine, heather, granite and water stretch to the horizon
  • Guimarães, a World Heritage site-town considered the birthplace of the nation

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Day 1 Dine, lodge and dance with Count Francisco at his distinguished manor home  Ride past lush gardens, vineyards and quaint stone homes, perhaps sharing the road with horse-drawn carts Saúde! Toast with a glass of vinho verde, a sparkling wine.

Day 2 Descend into the beautiful market town of Ponte de Lima, crossing a 14th-century arched bridge  Gentle farmland makes way for winding climbs en route to Caldelas, the first of the spa towns in the Penedes-Gerês region Smooth and spicy? Nutty and complex? A private tasting reveals the finer nuances of port.

Day 3 Gerês National Park, where a tableau of pine, granite and water stretches to the horizon  Keeping eyes on the road is tough when views of the blue lake and heather-clad mountains are so sublime In the little spa town of Gerês, shop for herbal teas and pottery Explore majestic Guimarães, a World Heritage site considered the birthplace of the nation.

Days 4-6 Glide on quiet roads in the Douro Valley with river views  Amarante, a hamlet founded by Romans in 360 B.C., invites exploration  Spin past vine-laden slopes and almond orchards in the Alto Douro wine region, where grapes have been cultivated for millennia Stop to sample or keep on biking? It's up to you A scenic river cruise carries you through port wine country.

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