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Mountain Gorillas of Uganda

Uganda, Africa

from $10,000* per person 10 Days Year-round
Luxury accommodations Exertion level: 4
Operator: Geographic Expeditions 18 people max
  • Kampala airport, uganda
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When travelers palaver, one experience that gets everyone’s rapt attention is an account of visiting mountain gorillas. One visitor has written, “There is something deeply touching about seeing these wonderful animals—one almost hesitates to call them that—in their home. Something sweet and informative and piercing. Their wisdom, and that’s exactly what it is, sparkles shyly. And here’s the interesting part. After seeing the gorillas, you see your fellow humans a little differently.”

After a day in Kampala, we drive to two Ugandan gems (Uganda was once known as the Pearl of Africa, remember): the Kibale Forest National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park. And now for the gorillas: we drive to Bwindi National Park for a few days in the thick, lovely forest, encountering our close relatives as they get on with their daily lives. This is an experience you have doubtlessly heard good things about, and our Africa experts have built this trip to give us the finest and most respectful visit possible.

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Uganda, Africa

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Day 1: arrive in Kampala •

Day 2: drive to Kibale National Park •

Day 3: morning and afternoon chimp tracking •

Day 4: drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park •

Day 5: Queen Elizabeth NP exploration •

Day 6: drive to Bwindi National Park •

Days 7 & 8: communing with gorillas in Bwindi •

Day 9: fly to Kampala •

Day 10: depart Kampala.

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