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explora Rapa Nui

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Chile, South America

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The name given to the island in ancient times continues to be a mystery. Three possible alternatives exist: “Te Pito o te Henúa”, which means “navel of the world”; “Te Pito o te Kainga”, which translates as “the womb”; and “Mata ki te rangi”, or, “eyes that watch the sky”.

Easter Island is the name given by the Dutch mariner Jacob Roggeveen, who arrived there on Easter Sunday in 1722.

During the 19th century, western mariners named the island Rapa Nui (Big Island), because of its similarity to Rapa Iti island, situated 5,000 kilometers (3,106 miles) to the west.

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Chile, South America

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1722: Jacob Roggeveen, Dutch mariner
1770: Felipe González y Aedo, Spanish mariner
1774: James Cook, British explorer
1786: Conde de La Pèrouse, French explorer
1955: Thor Heyerdahl, Norwegian explorer

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