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Iceberg Adventure

from $1,749* per person 8 Days April-June
Boutique accommodations Exertion level: 4
Operator: Ocean Quest 12 people max
  • Conception bay south, newfoundland
  • Active & Adventure trips
Each spring, hundreds of mammoth icebergs descend from Greenland and the Arctic, passing Newfoundland on their journey into the Atlantic.

The Isle of Newfoundland is the perfect place to catch these monoliths before they disappear forever. And divers have an advantage: they can see the 90% of the iceberg everyone else can't see!

Ocean Quest is your iceberg headquarters and will provide you with an unbelievable and safe dive under these cathedrals of ice.

All Iceberg Adventure Packages include:

    * 7 nights accommodations
    * 5 Days Diving (see below)
    * Breakfasts
    * Lunch on Dive Days
    * Air, Tanks (80 cuft Alum), and Weights
    * Airport Transfers
    * Screech In Ceremony

There are three Iceberg Adventures to choose from, prices starting at $1749:

    * 1 Day Iceberg Diving, 4 Days Shipwreck Diving
    * 3 Days Iceberg Diving, 2 Days Shipwreck Diving
    * 5 Days Iceberg Diving

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The Iceberg Adventure offers a great customized mix of cold water adventures and fantastic wreck diving, with various levels suited to your desires and skills as a diver. Please note that icebergs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, some of which are unsuitable for diving.

Day 1: Arrival
Day 2 to Day 6: Diving on Icebergs and Wrecks based on package purchased. Itineraries will vary based on depths offered by specific icebergs, the locations and availability of icebergs, and shipwrecks clients wish to dive.
Day 7: Rest day
Day 8: Departure

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