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Montana—glacier Park Vacation

Montana, United States, North America

from $3,195* per person 6 Days July, August
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Operator: Classic Journeys 12 people max
  • Whitefish airport, mt, united states
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Did you know you can hear the wings of a gliding eagle slip through the high mountain air? That deep-sea fossils hide under the crimson spikes of Indian paintbrush along the shores of high-altitude lakes? That those famous white mountain goats may actually have been transplanted from the Alps? There’s so much to experience on a Glacier National Park vacation that most visitors never even imagine. They drive through and snap some photos. The fanatics strap on heavy backpacks to escape the crowds. But Classic Journeys can show you the intense grandeur and deep solitude of this treasure in unique style. On easy-going walks carefully chosen so you can glory in wildlife and wildflowers. With visits to mining camps, ranchers and Native Americans for varied views of how humans have made their lives in this awesome setting. You’ll touch and appreciate Glacier as few people do with a fine mix of outdoor activity and perfectly located lodgings at the end of every exhilarating day.

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Montana, United States, North America

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Our Glacier National Park tours meet in Whitefish (1 night) where a gentle walk with views of the Rockies precedes a cowboy cookout at a working ranch.

On our first morning we walk through a beautifully carved gorge and cedar forest to turquoise Avalanche Lake. From our Douglas fir timbered lodge in East Glacier (2 nights), a gentle trail winds past a double waterfall and through wildflower meadows to Upper Two Medicine Lake. A local friend and member of the Blackfeet Indians joins us and shares the history, mythology and culture of the tribe through songs and stories.

Many Glacier (2 nights) is surrounded by snow-capped peaks and is the ideal starting point for a series of varied walks and stunning views from Sun Point. Wildlife sightings—elk, deer, moose, bald eagles—are common on the varied trails we’ve chosen (often with fine picnic spots as our goal).

A century ago, railroad barons opened “America’s Little Switzerland” to travelers with amenities including lake steamers. In that tradition, we cruise Swiftcurrent and Josephine Lakes, and take walks that bring to life the history of the local tribes and the mining boom. On our final day we return to Whitefish via the Going-to-the-Sun Road, considered the most scenic road in America.

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