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Patagonia - Paine Circuit Trek

Chile, South America, Patagonia

from $2,725* per person 9 Days November-March
Comfort accommodations Exertion level: 5
Operator: One World Trekking 12 people max
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Eco-Camp on the Torres del Paine Circuit Trek in Patagonia. Discovered by Magellan, Patagonia is variously known as the ‘Land of the Tempest' and the ‘Land of Fire and Ice'. It is situated almost at the extreme southern tip of South America, just to the north of Cape Horn. We access this remote area by way of the small town of Punta Arenas. From here, we will transfer by bus to a comfortable fixed camp in the Torres del Paine National Park. The rugged territory of Patagonia is renowned for its breathtaking scenery and this is nowhere better exemplified than in the Torres del Paine National Park, where pink granite towers, iridescent blue lakes and surreally sculpted glaciers compete for the viewer's admiration. This is also the setting for one of the world's great trekking challenges, the 60 mile-long circuit of the Paine Massif.

Involving 7 days of continuously scenic hiking, by way of several lakeside camps and the remote and wind-swept John Garner Pass, this is the ultimate Patagonia trekking experience. Also included within the itinerary are day-hikes to the most spectacular viewpoints in the Ascencio and Frances valleys. This is a short but quite testing trekking vacation in a mountain region which has been voted as the most dramatic on the planet.

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Chile, South America, Patagonia

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  • Reviewer: located in Silt Mesa, Colorado USA
    "Here's a chance to do both a classic Nepal trek -- the Annapurna Circuit -- and a little-traveled side trip into the Nar Phu region. We began our Annapurna walk in lowland farming country and headed gradually upward, allowing our bodies to acclimate to higher elevations as we enjoyed the scenery and people. We then detoured into a region only recently opened to visitors, and visited villages influenced by the ways of Tibet, whose border was just a few short miles away. Our trek also took us over two mountain passes, in fabled Himalayan high country where wild blue sheep abound. Altogether, it was a wonderful trip, with nourishing food that sustained us on each day's walk, helpful guides and porters, and incredible opportunities for taking photos, visiting Buddhist monasteries, and witnessing the way of life in a remote region that is reachable only by foot or pack train, and where farmers use yaks to plow fields. Truly an adventure to remember!" -Dennis Webb, Colorado (Member of the NarPhu Valleys Trek


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Day 1: Arrive in Punta Arenas.
Day 2: Hike to Camp Dickson.
Day 3: To Camp Perros.
Day 4: John Gardner Pass to Camp Grey.
Day 5: Trek to Pehoe Lake.
Day 6: To Valle Frances – the Heart of the Paine Massif.
Day 7: Los Cuernos Trail.
Day 8: Day hike to the Paine Towers.
Day 9: Transfer to Punta Arenas and evening departure.

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