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Horse Rehabilitation Volunteer Program

South Africa, Africa

from $1,662* per person 14 Days Year-round
Comfort accommodations Exertion level: 3
Operator: Volunteer Adventures 24 people max
  • Cintsa, south africa
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Volunteer Activities
    Feed and visually check all horses
    Help treat horses with tick repellant
    Assist with grooming and exercise
    Clean and maintain tack and equipment
    Work with problems or issues unique to a specific horse
    Assist with beach trail rides

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South Africa, Africa

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You will volunteer in the mornings and/or afternoons, 5 days a week. The exact hours and details of your day will be decided during the volunteer orientation. Schedules vary depending on program needs, and volunteers should remain flexible.

What Volunteers Can Do:
      Volunteers in our South Africa Cintsa Horse Rehabilitation Program can help in the care and rehabilitation of horses rescued from negligence. The New Hampshire Rehab Center works to give neglected horses a loving home. Volunteers will help to provide horses with necessary medical attention, food, and lots of love. Once the horses are nursed back to health, volunteers can help tame them and rebuild their trust. When the horses are fully healed and rehabilitated, they are used for trail rides to generate the necessary income to keep the center going.

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