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Mongolia In The Footsteps Of The Nomad With Nyamka Idema

Mongolia, Asia

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National Geographic Traveler's Tours of a Lifetime 2011
Join Nyamka Idema, for an unforgettable trekking adventure in Western Mongolia. Nyamka takes us from Ulaanbaatar to Ulaangom in the west where we begin the trek in the Harhiraa mountains in the greater Altai range. This is home to a small and intriguing ethnic group called the 'Khotont' and an area that Nyamka knows better than most. Using his nomadic contacts and knowledge in Mongolia's wild west will be sure to provide a unique and up close experience of this dramatic remote wilderness. Our trek follows the migratory routes of the Khotont families along the Harhiraa river gorge and eventually up to the spectacular high pass at 3000m between Harhiraa and Turgen peaks. Along the way we'll pass evidence of ancient nomadic people in the form of Turkic gravestone markers. The second half of the Harhiraa trek descends towards the Khovd River. The landscape of the Harhiraa is dominated by open slopes dotted with nomad tents, deep river gorges, alpine lakes, and the inspiring, glacier capped peaks of Harhiraa and Turgen. The second, less demanding part of the journey takes us to Olgii, the capital of the Kazakh Province of Western Mongolia, and the spectacular mountain of 'Tsaast Uul'. It is here we will experience the Kazakh people who are renown eagle hunters and trainers.

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Mongolia, Asia

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DAY 1     Join Ulaanbaatar
DAY 2     Fly to Ulaangom, drive to Tarialan
DAYS 3/10     Trek in Harhiraa mountains - part of the greater Altai range
DAY 11     Drive to Olgii
DAY 12     Drive to Tsaast Uul, stay with Kazakh nomads
DAYS 13/14     Trek in Tsaast Uul region
DAY 15     Drive to Tolboo Nuur (lake) and camp
DAY 16     Drive to Olgii, fly to Ulaanbaatar
DAY 17     Contingency day may be used at start or end depending upon internal flight schedule
DAY 18     In Ulaanbaatar, trip concludes

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