The Wolves Of Yellowstone (trip)

The Wolves Of Yellowstone

  • Bozeman Airport, MT, United States
  • Family & Friends
Montana, United States, North America

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Indulge your soul. For this is a special winter wonderland; a profound experience amid more geysers, fumaroles and mud pots than any other place on the planet where for four days you will be surrounded by the beauty and serenity of the Serengeti of North America.

In Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley where the snow-covered landscape is home to bison, wolves, elk, fox, coyote, and river otter roaming free as the Creator intended, you will learn from the four-leggeds what it takes to survive winter, and at dawn and dusk we seek the twilight hunter and listen for the mysterious music of his song. We discuss the behavioral traits of the wolf and the physical and spiritual significance of the wolf to the Plains Indians.

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Montana, United States, North America

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  • Family oriented trip.


Day 1(Wed 15th Feb)
Arrive Bozeman, Montana (BZN) and shuttle to your hotel for a relaxed evening prior to the commencement of your journey into wolf culture.
Stay: Bozeman, MT

Day 2 (Thurs 16th Feb)
Reconnect with Mother Earth in this unfinished land.  Meet your group for a short orientation before traveling down the picturesque Paradise Valley toward Yellowstone where we look and listen for wolves, visit places important to the wolf’s history here in Yellowstone and discuss wolf ecology and management in and around the park. The wolf taught many to hunt, and would call others to share the bounty, and we learn of both that tradition and of the wolf as a teacher within Plains Indian Cultures
Stay: Mammoth or Gardiner

Day 3 (Fri 17th Feb)
Be immersed in the world of the wolf. The wolf appears in sacred narratives of ceremony and origin; he is celebrated in song, and has taught and inspired hunters and warriors.  Through traditional stories and explanations, and by entering the wolf's domain, this morning we learn of the power and gifts he brings to the people. The afternoon is free for relaxation and after dinner we will enjoy a presentation from a renowned videographer recounting stories of wolf packs such as the Druid and Slough Creek packs. Hear of pack behaviors and fascinating stories of wolves since their reintroduction to Yellowstone.
Stay: Mammoth

Day 4 (Sat 18th Feb)
The mind-blowing winterscapes of Yellowstone are on show this day as we set forth by snow coach to witness one of the most awe-inspiring sights of Yellowstone – Old Faithful.  Journeying along the Firehole River to Madison, then heading by the Fountain Paint Pots and Biscuit Basin we find that we are wildlife viewing the entire way. Layered clothing, hats gloves and winter footwear are recommended, as we experience off-road nature’s icy snow pack.
Old Faithful is even more spectacular in the cold of winter with steam accentuating the 125 ft water jet.
This evening we take opportunity to stand beneath a blanket of night stars and to listen for a winter song that touches the soul as no other howl can.
Stay: Mammoth

Day 5 (Sun 19th Feb)
This day as we look for the four-leggeds, we reflect upon the ancient compact shared between the wolf and the human beings, and how the wolf is revered in Cheyenne and other Plains cultures, to the extent that the scouts of the people, those who guide, those who bring warnings and messages, are referred to as “wolves.” Within Cheyenne culture, the Bowstrings Military Society members have an ancient connection to the wolf; learn why the Bowstrings are called "Wolf Soldiers", and the leader of the society, the "Wolf Chief".
Stay: Bozeman

Day 6
Depart Bozeman, MT (BZN)

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