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Philippines Sailing Adventure

“In 2016 we were part of the pioneer pirates to sail the Philippines in the first edition of the Philippines Sailing Challenge, which… ”
Philippines, Asia, Southeast Asia

from £1,680* per person 9 Days November
Simple accommodations Exertion level: 5
Operator: Large Minority - Adventure Holidays & Tuk Tuk Challenges 12 people max
  • Philippines
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Welcome to the Philippines Challenge, the sailing adventure holiday for non-sailors. Aboard a locally skippered ‘paraw’ tri-maran you’ll embark on a voyage over the turquoise oceans and across pristine, uninhabited islands around Boracay. If you can sail, great, but if not, your skipper and crew will take care of the navigational stuff for you. It’s just up to you to make sure they’re going the right way. There will be challenges in the Philippines Sailing Challenge – think fishing for your dinner, climbing coconut trees and generally using your cunning and resourcefulness to outsmart the other teams – and there will be chaos. It’s Castaway, minus Tom Hanks. BYO Wilson.

The challenge is split into several legs, each slightly more awesome than the last and there will be a combination of sea based and Island based challenges. You’ll be challenged physically, mentally and sailingly (that’s a new word), but a little slice of island paradise will never be far away. And the whole thing is designed to make meaningful contributions to the communities and cultures you’ll visit along the way, so you can rest assured that your epic adventure has impacted the Philippines positively. So grab a team of 2 or 3, sign on the dotted line, and join us for the Philippines Sailing Challenge. It’s chaos on the high seas. And it’s all you ever dreamed of!

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Philippines, Asia, Southeast Asia

2 testimonials about this trip

  1. Reviewer: located in Netherlands
    In 2016 we were part of the pioneer pirates to sail the Philippines in the first edition of the Philippines Sailing Challenge, which was another great success! An extra added value on this adventure is that you get to hang out with your own local crew for the whole week. It’s a very cool way to attain some perspective on the destination, its culture and it’s people. We
    absolutely loved it!
  2. Reviewer: located in UK
    The Philippines Sailing Challenge was unlike any other we’d been on. From the stunning surroundings to the friendly people, we couldn’t recommend the experience more highly. The sailing was ideal for beginners, with a fantastic group of Filipino guys forming the huge crew – and you’ll meet a great mix of people from around the world in the other teams too, all up for the experience. The ethical aspect of Large Minority was also a huge draw for us. Giving back to, and getting to know the local community was an important part of the experience. It’s exhausting, but in a good way… don’t think the organisation would in any way hinder your adventure – the planning massively improves it. Perfect for anyone who likes a challenge.

3 testimonials about the provider, Large Minority - Adventure Holidays & Tuk Tuk Challenges:

  • Reviewer: located in Bangkok, Thailand
    Who needs a tour guide when you can make your own way around Sri Lanka? Lanka Challenge was a fun-filling-10-day-trip with Amazing People from all over the world. LC is definitively one of the world's most adventurous activities. It's not only about winning the Challenge but also about helping the kind people of Sri Lanka. It offers you a chance to absorb the Lankan culture and eventually turn into one of them for a while.
    Believe me when I say that Large Minority's people will make you do things Lankan style. LM has done it this time and I am sure they will do it again... Two thumbs up for the good people at Large Minority and those who participated in the event in 2009.

  • Reviewer: located in Dubai, UAE
    Who else can claim they have circumnavigated Sri Lanka and Cambodia driving a Rickshaw? Or bought fuel in a coke bottle whilst wearing pyjamas? I truly believe there is no better way to see a complete country and get down with the local culture. You just can't do this on a tour. Make no mistake, this is a mentally and physically challenging adventure that will test you in many ways.
    The social side plays the biggest part - we made a great group of friends and every night was a party. Large Minority gave us an expertly planned fully-inclusive holiday which would be nearly impossible to organise on your own, all for a great price and still supporting local charities. Bring on the next location!

  • Reviewer: located in Tokyo, Japan
    People keep asking me about the Cambo Challenge and I think I've nailed what makes it so incomparable for me, it's all about the human interactions. The group were fun, switched on, non-competitive and from all over the map. The challenges got us past our barriers and into authentic Cambodian communities and interactions.
    The LM team were smart, creative, playful and good times. Traveling by tuk tuk was crazy, liberating and totally engaging with your surroundings, and Cambodia itself...half confronting, half embracing and incomparable throughout. We loved it.


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Day 1 - Boracay, Malay

Get ready for an exciting week packed with fun, adventure and challenges. 

Today is all about getting to know your ‘paraw’ tri-marant. 

You will meet the other teams at 8pm during the welcome gathering. The official Philippines Sailing Challenge kick-off dinner will be at 8.30pm in the main hotel restaurant.

Accommodation: Amihan Home

Day 2 - Carabao Island, San José

After breakfast, luggage handover (at the parking lot) and the route briefing you are off 13 Nm to Carabao Island.

Accommodation: Nipahauz Resort

Day 3 - Santa Fe

16 Nm on the boat and several challenges to complete on the way.

Accommodation: Hammocks

Day 4 - Binucot Beach Resort, Ferrol, Romblon

After a night sleeping in hammocks you are off for another 12 Nm to Ferrol. Don't forget to tick off those challenges. 

Accommodation: Binocut Beach Resort

Day 5 - Binucot Beach Resort

After several days on sea with many challenges to complete, you deserve a relaxing day at the beach.

Accommodation: Binocut Beach Resort

Day 6 -  Argao, Cebú

And you are back on your boat 25 Nm towards Argao.

Accommodation: Homestay

Day 7 - Buruanga, Aklan

Only 14 km to sail today. But there are still several challenges to tick off your list. 

Accommodation: Hammocks

Day 8 -  Boracay, Malay

Last day with your ‘paraw’ tri-maran and last change to complete the challenges. 

It’s time to say goodbye to Old Faithful. Your noble steed. After you arrive at the Finish Line. 

The last night together and the much awaiting award ceremony and farewell party will start at XXX in XXX.

Accommodation: Amihan House

Day 9 - Borocay, Malay

It is time to say good-bye and see you next time. Maybe on another challenge in a different part of the world?

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