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Photography Safaris

  • Arusha, Tanzania
  • Culture & Nature
“The heart and drive of this trip was Andy Biggs. Starting at the airport in Kilimanjaro his leadership, attitude, and… ”
Andy Biggs
,  photography
,  safari
,  Serengeti
,  Tarangire
,  Ngoronogoro
,  Nyumba
,  Tanzania, Tanzania

from $7,990* per person12 DaysJanuary, February, August-October
Boutique accommodations Exertion level: 3
Operator: Thomson Safaris 12 people max
Informal but comprehensive photographic instruction in some of the most scenic parks of Tanzania. Incredible wildlife viewing and endless photographic opportunities in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara and/or Tarangire.

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Andy Biggs , photography , safari , Serengeti , Tarangire , Ngoronogoro , Nyumba , Tanzania, Tanzania

2 testimonials about this trip

  1. Reviewer: D Goacher located in Oakland Park, IL USA
    The heart and drive of this trip was Andy Biggs. Starting at the airport in Kilimanjaro his leadership, attitude, and stamina were unending. His relationship with the guides and staff at the lodges and the camps was a pleasure to witness.
  2. Reviewer: D Cooper located in San Diego, CA USA
    Andy was a great leader and Emmanuel, Mohammed and Roger were great guides. Given their expertise and Tanzania’s diverse wildlife, it would be impossible to have a bad day.

3 testimonials about the provider, Thomson Safaris:

  • Reviewer: L Mullens located in Kihei, HI USA
    The Thomson Safari team is amazing. While lodging, food and the wildlife define safari, it is the people who make it memorable. From the porters, chefs, waiters, and guards to your PHENOMENAL guides, Thomson really has succeeded at creating an inspirational and life-transforming experience. You have given me memories and inspiration to fuel a life of true adventure!
  • Reviewer: D Bleckner located in Kirkland, WA USA
    We could go on to enumerate all the superlatives about your operations in Tanzania: the accommodations, the food, the camp crews, the vehicles, the excursions & activities in between animal viewing, the schedule..... you've got it figured out perfectly. But we can't say enough about your guides and your team in Arusha that make sure every detail is taken care of so that we get the most out of our visit and safari experience. I can't imagine having made this trip without them.
  • Reviewer: R Kuphal located in Norfolk, MA USA
    Nothing got us ready for the Thomson Safari way of doing things. First class all the way. From our accommodations, to food, to our transportation in the new and top shelf Land Rovers. The Nyumbas are splendid. I slept like a baby every night!

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Trips led by outdoor and wildlife photographers Andy Biggs or Randy Hanna.

Itineraries change seasonally to provide prime photo opportunities.
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Plains and Crater Safari

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A safari with an extended focus on Ngorongoro Crater, central and western Serengeti at one of the most scenic and lesser-traveled times of the year. All of the camps are ideally located. Guests will witness the beginning of the wildebeest rut and the migration as the herds move through the central Serengeti. This itinerary offers amazing wildlife opportunities and stunning scenery during one of the most underrated months of the year! Led by Randy Hanna.

Great Migration Safari

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This is a peak, dry season safari with a well-rounded, time-tested itinerary featuring Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, the central and northern Serengeti. The northern Serengeti region of Kogakuria/Lamai Wedge will be brimming with migratory activity as over 2 million grazers arrive in search of green pasture. Thomson Safaris is one of only a handful of operators who run a private camp in this scenic and remote location. Led by Randy Hanna.

Calving Season Safari

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The vast herds of migratory wildebeest make their return to the short-grass plains of the southern Serengeti.  Roughly 500,000 of these wildebeest are pregnant females which will drop their calves over 10 days between late January and early March.  Thomson Safaris has set up a private camp located right in the heart of the southern plains and with some luck our guests will have a front row seat to this amazing spectacle. This safari also visits central Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. Led by Randy Hanna.

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