Kaliningrad & the Baltics (trip)

Kaliningrad & the Baltics

  • Tallinn Airport, Estonia
  • Culture & Nature
“"I liked having more time than those who came by ship would have. Travel by coach allowed a more in-depth… ”
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Europe

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This overland journey roves the countryside and urban centers of four distinct nations: the three independent Baltic countries — Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania — and Kaliningrad, an exclave of Russia.

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Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Europe

2 testimonials about this trip

  1. Reviewer: J. Jones located in Tulsa, OK USA
    "I liked having more time than those who came by ship would have. Travel by coach allowed a more in-depth look at the countries, including rural life. There was an excellent mix of things to see."
  2. Reviewer: L. Patierno located in Westbrook, CT USA
    “The destinations were great and it was a very good trip. We especially enjoyed seeing how people are adjusting to their new freedom and experiencing the warmth that they extended; as well as the restoration of the buildings and country.”

3 testimonials about the provider, MIR Corporation:

  • Reviewer: K. Knack located in Malibu, CA USA
    Every day I am grateful for this fabulous trip. The destinations you specialize in are of much more interest now that I know what a well-delivered service you provide.

    MIR's tour manager made my trip more deeply meaningful and made sure that everyone on the train came away with a greater appreciation for this vast country. Thank you so much for your great itinerary, for the tremendous abilities of your staff... You can be certain I will recommend your company.

  • Reviewer: The Tobys located in Rockville Center, NY USA
    …It is safe to say without the expertise of your superb cadre of guides in the country we never could have put it all together. In fact, we were totally dependent on them to benefit from the extraordinary experienced of visiting three regions of [Ukraine] within a two-week time period.

    Clearly, MIR Corporation has a well-deserved reputation for superb customer service. We support that well-deserved reputation, which is possibly rooted in the fact that your associates like their jobs and that job satisfaction has been transferred to customer and client relations….

    Honestly, we were duly impressed with each of the regional guides and the drivers who accompanied us. Their local knowledge of the unique features of their respective region was so evident, impressive, and unmatched by any we have encounters over our 40 years of visiting 140 countries.

    I want to thank you for a most stupendous trip; 5 stars plus. Loved Ukraine, the people, the sites, the precision of our tour; the fine quality of the guides and drivers - how much they care, how much they know and how much they kept our interests foremost in their hearts and their minds. It was just stupendous.

    It was so fabulous we cannot stop talking about it. Again, thank you very much. And I will certainly recommend MIR Corporation when it is appropriate for our friends & colleagues.

    It was excellent beyond all expectations.

  • Reviewer: The Repkos located in Princeton, NJ USA
    We don’t know where to start – a perfect itinerary which satisfied all of our needs, excellent accommodations superbly located, flawless execution of all aspects including visas, vouchers, theatre tickets, etc., and last but certainly not least, truly outstanding and professional guides and drivers.

    …We only wish that MIR provided tours everywhere, in which case we would never use another tour company again..

    MIR Office in Seattle was outstanding…We have already told several friends about MIR and how wonderful they are! You all put together a trip for us that was perfect to our budget, time frame and interests. Russia is a fabulous destination – wonderful history, magnificent sites we can’t say enough about MIR and Russia.

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Days 1-2: Tallinn

Begin in Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, with its collage of narrow cobblestone streets and red-roofed buildings. Explore the Dome Cathedral on Toompea Hill and visit the famous Song Festival grounds, where the independent spirit of Estonians has been celebrated since 1988, when 300,000 people sang their way to the beginnings of independence from the Soviet Union.

Days 3-5: Sigulda, Riga

Skirting Riga Bay, pause at Sigulda, entrance to Gauja National Park, before coming to Latvia's capital, Riga, with its Art Nouveau architecture. Known for its appealing Old Town and the odd sculptures adorning its old buildings, Riga is a delight to explore on foot.

Days 6-7: Klaipeda, Palanga

Travel across the countryside to the Lithuanian seaport of Klaipeda, pausing at the baroque Rundale Palace and at the Hill of Crosses, a place of national pilgrimage. Explore Klaipeda's narrow streets and merchant houses and visit the Palanga Amber Museum.

Days 8-10: Curonian Spit, Kaliningrad, Kaunas

Continue to Kaliningrad via the narrow, UNESCO-listed Curonian Spit, passing fishing villages, white sand dunes and the wood carvings of the Hill of Witches. Known as Konigsberg until the Soviets renamed it in 1946, Kaliningrad has converted a World War II bunker into a museum. Its Gothic cathedral and its Hansa Square are reminders of an era long past.

Days 11-13: Vilnius, Trakai

Lithuania's beautiful capital, Vilnius, is our final stop. Last to give up its pagan traditions and first to declare independence from the Soviet Union, Lithuania is known for its amber and celebrated for its bravery. An exploration of Vilnius ranges from the medieval, at the restored Brick Gothic castle of Trakai, to the more recent, at the KGB museum, commemorating the travails of thousands of Lithuanians. Stroll the cobbled streets of the Old Town, shopping for linen and glowing amber jewelry.

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