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Explore a land and sea brimming with life. This World Heritage biosphere reserve harbors hundreds of islands, many uncharted, and flora and fauna—found nowhere else in the world. Experience pods of dolphins numbering in the hundreds and view many whale species including the largest living being on earth—the blue whale.

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Mexico , Baja , Sea of Cortez , Yacht cruise , yacht tour , yacht charter , kayaking , Snorkeling , Whale , Loreto , Mulege , Santa Rosalia , San Carlos , Island, Mexico, North America

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Day 1:
La Paz, Baja California Sur – Embarkation
You will be met at the airport and transferred to board the Safari Quest. The Captain and crew greet you with hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and a sumptuous dinner.
Day 2:
Isla Partida – Beach Activities
After breakfast, go ashore at Ensenada Grande beach, a crescent beach on Isla Partida and recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. Explore the natural beauty of its pink volcanic coastline by skiff and kayak, slip into the crystal-clear water for swimming and snorkeling, or take a guided hike into the interior of the island, which abounds in exotic desert cacti and succulents.
Day 3:
Whale Watching
We’ll have the skiff “on the ready” for closer observation of flying manta rays, pods of dolphins and blue, pilot and fin whales. Later in the afternoon we’ll drop the kayaks and skiff to explore large mangrove lagoons that are nursing grounds for many species of tropical fish and invertebrates.
Day 4:
The Nature of the Sea of Cortés Exploration
Picturesque ledges of pink, orange and red bluffs and more marine life are on tap today. With binoculars in hand, join the Captain on the bridge to search for pods of dolphins, blue, fin, sei, orca and sperm whales as they spout and dive in the surrounding waters. Blue-footed boobies, brown pelicans, cormorants and gulls also make this area their home. If conditions permit, we’ll drop anchor in a remote cove for snorkeling, kayaking and beachcombing.
Day 5:
Bahia Agua Verde Mule Ride
Get underway this morning for Bahia Agua Verde, whose clear waters are bordered by sparse craggy mountains hemmed in green. For a true taste of adventure, join your yachtmates on a mule trail ride into the arroyos of the peninsula. Converse with a local ranchero and his family while you explore canyons, enjoy scenic vistas and experience the breathtaking sights of the “real Baja.”
Day 6:
Isla Coyote / Isla San Francisco
Step ashore on Isla Coyote, the only permanently inhabited island and smallest community in the Sea of Cortés. Only about 200 yards in diameter, the islet is home to twenty members of the Cuevas family. It consists of about ten buildings that include homes, a small chapel, and a one-room schoolhouse with two desks and a chalkboard. Beyond the weathered structures is a whale bone yard where enormous vertebrae are scattered for up-close investigation. Our crew delivers water to the residents, as fresh water is unobtainable on the island. Conversations with this remarkable group of people reveal how they make their living as fishermen “in the middle of nowhere.” At Isla San Francisco, enjoy a guided hike among a forest of the world’s tallest cactus—the Cardón, laze on the beach, or kayak and snorkel in the calm waters.
Day 7:
Los Islotes / Isla Espiritu Santo
This morning, set sail for Los Islotes, a steep rocky outcropping leaping straight from the sea. Observe a sea lion colony from the yacht and skiff, or slip into a wetsuit to snorkel with agile young sea lions. Swim through a rock arch where orange fan and white fire coral sway in the current, while high overhead, brown and blue-footed boobies perch on the cliffs. Later, we’ll cruise to Isla Espiritu Santo for your last opportunity to enjoy a guided hike along a colorful desert ridge, or perhaps kayak or snorkel in the protected crystalline waters. After tonight’s special Farewell Dinner, your Expedition Leader will recap the journey with a slideshow of the week’s experiences.
Day 8:
La Paz, Baja California Sur – Disembark
After breakfast we’ll bid you “adios.” A transfer to the airport is included. You may have time for a stroll along the extensive beachfront promenade here in Baja’s most traditional city.

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