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Ancient Empires of the Khans

China, Mongolia, Asia

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  • Beijing, china
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During a great tribal meeting held in the Khan Khentii Mountains in 1206, a man from poor nomadic origins was proclaimed Chinggis Khan, ruler of the Great Mongolian Nation. This was the birth of what would become the modern nation of Mongolia, and began the Mongol rule that dominated half of the world for the next few centuries. During this time, the Mongols initiated unsurpassed world trade and interaction between cultures that shaped the futures of Asia and Europe.

Later, during the 89 years of the Yuan Dynasty – established by Chinggis Khan’s grandson, Khubalai Khan—the mingling of Mongolian arts and culture with those of China had an influence on the entire region that remains to this day.

This extraordinary journey will visit sites marking the rich and turbulent histories of Mongolia and China, where the great Khans once ruled their vast empire. Begin in Beijing, exploring the Forbidden City and Ming Tombs, before setting off to see Mongolia’s historic sights, including beautiful Khentii Province, the region where Chinggis Khan was enthroned eight centuries ago.  From China’s Great Wall to Kharakhorum, the ancient Mongolian capital, this trip is perfect for those who wish to explore the culture, natural beauty, and historical highlights of these two great cultures.

There will also be opportunities to meet with local scholars in Mongolia, and all trip participants will be sent a copy of Dr. Jack Weatherford’s bestselling “Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World,” in their first pre-departure package.

Trip Highlights:
    Explore the Forbidden City, the incredible World Heritage Site in the heart of Beijing
    Walk along the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall
    Visit Baldan Bereeven, an atmospheric monastery rumored to be the burial site of Chinggis Khan
    Attend a performance of traditional dancing and khoomi throat singing in Ulaanbaatar
    Meet nomadic families living near the sand dunes, forests, and foothills of the Hogno Han Mountains

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China, Mongolia, Asia

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  • May accommodate certain types of disabilities. Contact the operator for more information.


Day 1 -     Arrive in Beijing
Day 2 -     Visit the legendary Imperial Palace, known as the Forbidden City
Day 3 -     Explore a quieter and lesser known section of the Great Wall
Day 4 -     Fly to Ulaanbaatar
Day 5 -     Visit Sukhbaatar Square, home of the Great Khans Memorial
Day 6 -     Drive to the foothills of the Hogno Han Mountains
Day 7 -     Explore Kharakhorum
Day 8 -     Return to Ulaanbaatar
Day 9 -     Drive to the Herlen River in Khentii Province
Day 10 -     Visit Baldan Bereeven Monastery and Oglogchyn Fortress
Day 11 -     Return to Ulaanbaatar
Day 12 -     Visit the Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum
Day 13 -     Departure

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