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Experience the real Italy with Il Campo Cucina...
Cook with local women and some of Italy's top chefs, make cheese with a shepherd, bake bread in a wood-fired oven, dine with a Count, taste amazing wines, explore the farms and forests of this unspoiled region, and become an honorary Tuscan. Celebrate the flavors and sights of Tuscany in a village you will never forget.

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Seven Day Program – Culinary Immersion Adventure

Seven Day Program – Culinary Immersion Adventure

Airport near Florence, Italy for 7 Days • Contact provider for price

Operator: Il Campo Cucina

Offered May, June, September, October: This is a sample itinerary for our seven day culinary immersion adventure.Please check back periodically for calendar updates. Approximately 30 days prior to your scheduled arrival, your week’s specific itinerary will be posted. The final itinerary… more

Exertion level:
Max group size: 12 people
Must form your own group? No

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