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Toehold is India's numero uno travel-and-photography company, offering high-quality photography-oriented travel and other services.

As India's first full-fledged photography-equipment-rental service and leading provider of Photography Workshops, Tours, Kids Events and Personalised Vacations, Toehold is a one-stop shop for photography professionals and enthusiasts alike, serving as a catalyst of excellence to help thousands discover the joy of travel and self-expression.

Toehold's commitment to quality is rooted in the illustrious team of professionals whose considerable acclaim in photography preceded its inception in 2010. Since then Toehold has been the leader in delivering the best-in-class travel experience by combining education, resources and fun on the go.

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No.51, SGP Park View 5th Floor, 5th main, 36 cross, 5th block, Jayanagar
Bangalore, Karnataka
560041 india


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  1. Reviewer: Dr Senthil Kandeepan located in Dlehi, Delhi India
    We spent five beautiful days in this great place (Masai Mara), and were able to see all the three big cats. The highlight was the cheetah hunt, when five cheetahs charged and killed a male impala - It was a fantastic experience, and we really can't expect more. The way the tour was organised and the places we stayed in were simply fantastic. Jayanth was a great Skipper. I was astounded by the way he could virtually read the cheetah's mind and put us in the best possible angle to shoot from. I learned a lot of techniques from him, and after this tour, can can safely say that I'm finally able to take a flawless photograph. 
  2. Reviewer: Tom Ori located in Colorado Springs, Florida USA
    Rather than list a string of adjectives, let me share a short story that occurred during a recent Masai Mara tour, which typifies the reason I continue to go on photo safaris with Jayanth. Early one morning Jay spotted a female leopard near the Mara River. Our Land Rover tracked her for the entire morning as she made two unsuccessful yet exciting hunting attempts. She was hungry, had cubs to feed and we knew she would make another hunt attempt. At 12:15 pm, Jay made a key decision: rather than break off from tracking Siri and driving 45 minutes back to the camp for lunch (which would have almost certainly resulted in our not being able to locate her in the afternoon), he radioed our camp asking them to send box lunches to us so that we could maintain visual contact with the gorgeous cat and not miss any photo opportunities. Jay did not want us to miss the rare opportunity of witnessing a leopard hunt. This is the kind of client-focused decision that is the highlight of all of the trips I have been on. I hope to be fortunate enough to join Jay on future photo safaris.

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Big Cat Week Masai Mara, Kenya

Big Cat Week Masai Mara, Kenya

Kenya for 6 Days • from $3,199* per person

Provider: Toehold Travel and Photography Pvt. Ltd. (2 testimonials)

TOUR HIGHLIGHTSFive fascinating nights in the midst of one of the best locations in the MaraOnly three participants in each 4WD Landcruiser safari vehicle, with assured window seatNo road journeys; only charter flights for transitsUnlimited drives for the duration of the TourExtensive photography assistance and natural-history learning both on and off the field 2 testimonials & more

Offered May
Exertion level: 3
Lodging: Hotel
Comfort accommodations
Max group size: 7 people
Must form your own group? Yes (custom departure). Price based on group size.

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