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7 Days Bali Vacation; Travel Bali On A Luxury Tour

Bali, Indonesia

from $2,590* per person 7 Days Year-round
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Operator: IndoExcursions 8 people max
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The mere mention of BALI evokes thoughts of a paradise.  It's more than a place; its a mood, an aspiration, a tropical state of mind. The island's creative heritage is everywhere you look. Dance and musical performances are the result of a legacy spanning centuries; villages save their highest honors for the artists who live there; and the culture is vibrant and accessible.

On this 7-day, intensely-cultural Hosted Tour (limited to 8 participants), you'll explore one of the most evocative islands on earth. The Tour is designed for discerning travellers seeking a seamless and luxurious journey, filled with intellectual experiences and rich in insider experiences. 

We have carefully crafted a tour that includes the most outstanding accommodation partners, avoids the well-beaten path of traditional tour operators, and showcases a side of Bali you're not likely to discover on your own.

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Bali, Indonesia

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  • Reviewer: located in Toronto, Ontario Canada
    Me and my friend were looking to spend our holiday in a tropical spot. We decide that Indonesia is our destination. Then we start to look for all-in-one service and hassle-free arrangement. We found it!

    We started to get in touch with them . . . and take their 27 days offer to visit Borobudur, Yogyakarta, Tana Toraja, Bali, Lombok and the superb Komodo-Flores liveaboard. More than words, IndoExcursions does the job! Well done!

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  • You need to form your own private group for this trip. It will be scheduled for a date you arrange with the provider. The itinerary here is just a sample.
  • Family oriented trip.
  • Centered around activities for grandparents and their grandchildren.
  • Offers some solo-only/singles departures.
  • Offers some women-only departures.


Join us for a 7-day, intensely-cultural exploration of the Island of BALI.  

For many, Bali is the very definition of tropical paradise : magnificent vistas, looming volcanoes, lush green forests and terraced rice fields tripping down hillsides.  

But Bali is so much more than this.

It's the extraordinary richness of the Balinese culture - it's the "essence" of Bali - that sets it apart from any other island in the world.  From the flower-petal offerings placed everywhere, to the processions of joyfully-garbed locals shutting down roads, to the elaborate  temple  ceremonies,  to  the  enchanting  traditional  dances, to the otherworldly gamelan music played island-wide, almost everything in Bali has spiritual meaning and leaves you with a lasting impression of reverence, peace and tranquility.

Over 7 days, our native Bali tour guides will take you off the well-trodden path for a true "insider journey" across Bali. This Hosted Journey (limited to 8 travellers), is filled with unprecedented behind-the-scenes opportunities that reach far beyond the predictable stuff, offering unique access that you simply couldn’t plan on your own. You'll journey to intricately carved temples rarely visited by tourists;  you'll stop at villages where locals will prepare you meals while excited youngsters perform ritual dances . . .  you'll experience "authentic Bali" and discover the true essence of the "Island of the Gods." 

Our philosophy? You deserve a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a journey that addresses your curiosity, embraces your sophistication, and acknowledges your taste for the best of everything - hotels, guides, sightseeing, cuisine . . .
We navigate the best choices to create luxurious Bali journeys for the discerning traveller.   We pair you with stellar guides, put you up in the finest hotels, and take you to marvelous restaurants.  Then we whisk you off to interesting sites, to unusual local ceremonies, to meet intriguing characters, breaking away from the ho-hum, the ordinary, the everyday.
We believe a traveller is entitled to experienced counsel, faultless arrangements and seamless logistics.  And we won't put you in a hotel we ourselves haven't stayed in. Call us “Old Fashioned.”  We take that as a compliment, because that's how we do things. 
Creating exceptional travel requires undivided attention and the exacting collation of details and arrangements.  Our travel specialists stand ready to take that burden off your shoulders and onto theirs.  Allow us to save you the trouble. 

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime, and discover, for yourself, the stunning natural landscape and enchanting allure of exotic Bali, Indonesia.  We look forward to travelling with you!

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