Tour Benin,Togo And Ghana (trip)

Tour Benin,Togo And Ghana

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“A Valuable Resource In West Africa Reviewed August 25, 2019 Confidence is one of the best guides I have employed… ”
Benin, Ghana, Togo, Africa, Antarctica and Arctic, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, Australia and Pacific, South America, Southeast Asia, Mediterranean

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The hallmark of this trip is to cover Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana.  We shall experience the voodoo festival, explore local markets,arts and culture,  cultural history, local tribes and many more.

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Benin, Ghana, Togo, Africa, Antarctica and Arctic, Asia, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, Australia and Pacific, South America, Southeast Asia, Mediterranean

3 testimonials about this trip

  1. Reviewer: Stephen Koundakjain located in California USA
    A Valuable Resource In West Africa
    Reviewed August 25, 2019

    Confidence is one of the best guides I have employed anywhere in the world.  I found him to be knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy, entirely reliable and always willing to fine tune my adult son's and my intricate custom tour, to meet our particular needs.  Beyond that, he's a charming guy with a quick sense of humor, which we appreciated.  This tour was to 6 West African countries, which did not include Nigeria.  In fact, I think Confidence hadn't been in two of them before.  But he made all the necessary local inquiries to make sure the trip came off flawlessly.  I would recommend Confidence to anyone who wants to visit West Africa to learn, in depth, about the region's history and various cultures.
  2. Reviewer: Alexander DelaMore located in USA
    A Fun Trip Through Ghana, Togo, Benin
    Reviewed July 18, 2019

    Confidence is punctual, professional, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, funny, and surrounds himself with good people who will become your friends and will take care of you. I got very sick from bad food that I didn't warm up and Confidence stayed by my side through most of the night and helped succor me back to health. His drivers and assistant guides are well-vetted. I also took a trip to Liberia a year ago through Confidence's company, which had ups and downs but was still worth it. Confidence is straightforward and arrow straight. He's a man of faith and it shows. Confidence gets my highest recommendations and we will do business many more times, as he operates from Senegal east to Nigeria and has contacts in other places too. His English is standard and cannot be misunderstood. He's educated and as pursuing post-grad degress now. Hire this guide NOW!
  3. Reviewer: Matin located in USA
    Professional, Flexible And Well Organized
    Reviewed February 3, 2019

    I needed a high level of flexibility during my trip as I usually tend to make last minute plans. Confidence provided full support and always made sure everything is plausible.  He and his team were always on-time which was a big plus.

    I'll definitely hire him on my next trip to West Africa!

3 testimonials about the provider, ucomeafrik tours:

  • Reviewer: Hope located in Boston,, Massachusetts USA

    I have hired Confidence twice for trips in West Africa and both were lovely experiences. He makes an intimidating part of the world easy. He was always professional, punctual and personable. Would definitely hire again.

  • Reviewer: Garret Paterson located in USA

    Fun, Safe Trip Of A Lifetime With Confidence

    Reviewed November 19, 2019

    From the first contact over WhatsApp to dropping me off at the Lagos airport, Confidence and his team were one of the best tour guides I have ever had, and everything was sharp-sharp (when you call/text/WhatsApp Confidence, he will tell you what it means)! Like many people, I was nervous about picking a guide, but Confidence provided five American citizens’ names as references to call. When I called/texted them, they all got back with me quickly, and helped me to know I was in good, safe hands with Confidence. I ended up putting down an 80% deposit, which allowed us to concentrate on the experience!

    After living in Brazil on assignment with my company for two years as well as growing up in the Southern U.S., I knew I had to visit West Africa to learn about the history and influence it had on two cultures that I love dearly. Confidence tailored a trip, starting by taking me to the African Diaspora festival in Badagary, where they invite Americans (As in North and South America, and Caribbean) whose ancestors were brought over in the slave trade back to walk the path their ancestors took. There are no museum experiences or words to describe the sadness I felt walking the path that slaves walked, or feeling the weight of the chains that were put on them. After the walk, the festival cheered me up, with music, dancing, and masquerades. The people were extremely friendly, and helped to give me hope again. Confidence’s attention to detail, such as keeping my cellphone in his bag, knowing the locals, and even having some cash on hand for people, kept the day smooth and invigorating. We drank some Palm Wine with the locals, and stayed the night.

    The best activity we attended was Felabration, or an Afro-Beat music festival named in honor of Fela Kuti. When I arrived in Nigeria, I told Confidence I usually don’t stay out late, but the music was so good, I stayed out until 2:30AM! I could see and feel the African roots of Brazilian samba and axé and United States’ blues and funk.

    One thing I wish I could have done is contacted Confidence earlier. Countries like Brazil and Nigeria have many controls to make sure people are safe, and money is not sent due to Fraud. For example, there is no way to send money to Confidence quickly, as all transactions are researched and can take 5-10 days. Confidence might ask for a large portion of the deposit upfront, and possibly sent to his Ghana account, but this is to insure he can use the money to reserve activities. As an accountant, I am happy to explain why this exists, and Confidence can share my contact information with you.

    I had such a good time, I will be doing a week in Ghana with Confidence next year!

  • Reviewer: Mary Levering located in DC, Washington USA

    Confidence Ekele Is An Excellent Travel Organizer For Liberia And Ghana

    Reviewed August 18, 2017

    Confidence Ekele provided me with excellent travel support in planning and organizing my April 2017 land-based travel arrangements in Monrovia, Liberia.  He speaks English fluently, and though living in Ghana, he is also experienced and knowledgeable about Liberia.  In advance of my travel, Confidence was always helpful and responsive to all my requests.  He communicated clearly and regularly with me in advance about my local arrangements in Liberia, and was also dependably helpful after my arrival.  In fact, in order to meet me in person when I arrived at the Monrovia airport, he traveled all the way by bus from his home base in Acccra,Chana.  He also made arrangements for our local transportation (car and driver) with Michael Williams, a very fine and knowledgeable Liberian national.  Together Confidence and Michael ensured that I was able to see and experience as much as possible during the 3 short days I spent in Liberia, including visiting many sights in Monrovia itself, and -- at my special request -- attending Easter Sunday Mass at Monrovia's Cathedral; visiting the famous, now-derelict hotel and conference center outside Monrovia (built for the 1979 Organization of African Unity meeting); and locating the remote cemetery with thousands of  2014+ ebola victims' graves deep in the country side outside Monrovia.  During my Liberia visit, both Confidence and Michael were prompt and dependable, always on time, knowledgeable and helpful, trustworthy, plus kind and pleasant.  I highly recommend Confidence (and Michael) to any traveler who wants dependable, responsive and affordable travel support in either Liberia or Ghana.  Mary Levering, Washington, DC, USA 

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Special information

  • Accommodates certain types of disabilities. Contact the operator for more information.
  • Family oriented trip.


Day 1:     January 9th   - Arrival to Benin  Arrival  and picked up by confidence from the  Airport and then drop off at the hotel. Initial orientation and coming back the next morning to pick you up as the tour begins.

DAY 2:  January 10th --Voodoo Festival/python temple. On this day our activity will be to participate and experience the voodoo festival and also explore the python temple.
Day 3: January 11th  Ganvié – cotonou Transfer by car and canoe to Ganvié, the ‘Venice of Africa’. Experience the lives of these people who live on water, discover the local bird life. Have lunch and return to Cotonou or ouidah for dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 4 :  January 12th 
Abomey Benin Head to Abomey. on the way, Visitthe surprising underground village of Agongou into, which served as a hiding place for warriors.  which is the town of Kings. Abomey – Take a guided tour of the ancient royal palace of Abomey listed as a UNESCO world cultural heritage. A return trip to Ouidah Benin. O/N in Ouidah

Day 5:  January 13th - Lome TogoLOME,TOGO –leave for Lome very early in the morning THE TOUR ON THIS DAY IN LOME.  Today we travel to Togo. After a 2 hour drive you will be assisted through Togo immigration then begin the city tour of Lome and vicinity. Visits include Independence square, the Artisans village, the national museum, the fetish market– the heart of traditional medicine, the fishing harbor, Art Street and the grand Marché, realm of the famous Nana Benz ladies. Overnight at Hotel Napoleon or similar
DAY 6:   January 14th
TOGOVILLE-LOME We shall visit the slave house in Agbodrafo. Continue to Togoville, a red-earth village which was the home land of numerous slaves taken to Haiti. Here you will find magic remedies and voodoo charms used by local sorcerers. Late afternoon return to Lomé.      

Day 7:  January 15th-
Lome/Ghana Onward journey to Accra Ghana. Assisted through immigration and crossing into Ghana . Embark on a 3 hour drive to Accra.   Arrival and checking into hotel for relaxation (maybe a night out to Osu oxford street or 233 Jazz bar ). O/N at pluss 33 Hotel
Day 8: January 16th  Accra--  A city tour of Accra
ACCRA City Tour (visit to historical landmarks such as W. E. B. Dubois Center for Pan African Culture,Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park, Independence/Black Star Square, National Museum,Osu (formerly Christiansborg) Castle-the previous seat of the Ghanaian Presidency,Jamestown, Flagstaff House. O/N at pluss 33

Day 9: January 17th:
CAPE COAST :visit the St. George Castle(also called Elmina Castle), recognized by UNSESCO as a World Heritage Site and the first trading post built on the Gulf of Guinea, the cape coast slave castle where our ancestors were kept before they were shipped to America's and the carrabiens. A return trip to Accra. Overnight in Accra.

Day 10 : January 18th. Accra- Departure/Relaxation at labade beach resort and onward drive to the airport for departure.
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Not included:  International airflights>Entrance fee Visa>visa fees> Travel insurance and immunizations> Between meal snacks& drinks or extra meals alcoholic beverages>Any hotel incidentals> Any non-essential public transit taken for you and your guide> Discretionary gratuity for excellent service> 

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