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Andean Trails specialises in trekking, climbing, jungle, sea-kayaking and mountain biking adventure holidays across South America and the Galapagos. We use carefully selected local operators for our tailor made tours, to make sure that the money brought into the area, helps the area. We give donations to street projects in Peru and the porters we use on the Inca Trail are paid well, receive health insurance and have good working conditions. We use local services, avoiding large chain hotels and restaurants, and always offer our customers an authentic experience on their tour. We have good links with charities in the areas we operate: We give all our Galapagos visitors free membership (or make a donation) to the Galapagos Conservation Trust to preserve these islands. Andean Trails promotes eco-friendly tourism to every person that books with us, so that the places we visit today benefit tomorrow.

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  1. Reviewer: Wendy Cheek located in USA

    We had a WONDERFUL time – really incredible.  All the folks we traveled/worked with were great.  We really enjoyed Zacharias  – he was very knowledgeable, and I really tested him on the plants!  The only comment we would probably have was with the excursion to Taquile – I would have much rather spent more time on Amantani.  It was really just a hike of the island and people watching…

    I’m sure I’ll send back more comments as I get caught up back here!  We really had a super time, and really look forward to another trip back to Peru.  Let Tom know we’re thinking Galapagos for next April… J


  2. Reviewer: Catherine McAvoy located in England

    The Paine trek was fantastic. After hearing horror stories from other travellers about the gale-force winds & horizontal rain, I couldn't believe my luck when we had 4 days of blue sky and only a little bit of wind on the last day. Perfect.
    Our guide, Jay (Chaid is his real name I think, he's from turkey) was brilliant. He couldn't have done more for us, sorting out a few things in the hotel as well as making sure we didn't have to worry about anything other than putting one foot in front of the other. He also made the worlds best sandwiches! I said a big thank you but would be grateful if you could pass this on. So you couldn't have done a better job.

    Thanks again for your help with organising it all, I've got some great photos to make everyone jealous with (& just the one blister!)

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Prominent affiliations & awards

  • Adventure Travel Trade Association
  • The International Ecotourism Society

Other affiliations & awards

LATA Latin America travel Association, ATOL Air Tour Operators Licence.

Our commitment to sustainable travel

Andean Trails donates a percentage of its profits to the following social and community projects. Each year we give money to the Huchuy Yachaq (www.huchuyyachaq.ord) project and make a contribution for school equipment to our Porter's Project at Kallarayan.

Community Projects

Each year we donate some money to the communities our Inca Trail porters come from.

Currently we donate in the region of USD 1,000 at the start of each school year. We ask the community what is most needed and usually we are asked to provide materials (books, pencils, paper etc.) for the children and the local school.

Most of the porters are farmers and cannot afford to pay for all of the materials their kids require for school. By trekking on the Inca Trail you are directly helping the families and communities of your porters.

Since 2006 we have been able to support the Huchuy Yachaq community project in the marginalised neighbourhood of Hermanos Ayar, on the outskirts of Cusco, with the help of everybody who has travelled with Andean Trails.

We donate each year to this community project.

The project has been set up by volunteer social workers and teachers to provide much needed social and educational support to the children and families of this neighbourhood. Children are encouraged to attend study and games sessions held each afternoon and participate in holiday projects. Our contributions so far have paid for educational books and games, tables and chairs, improvements to the structure of the basic community owned building and the addition of functioning toilets, materials for the children to take to school, school books, holiday programmes

Ecological/Environmental Impact

We recycle, take all rubbish out from treks that has gone in with us, use eco-operators on jungle trips and encourage respect for environments and cultures through literature and interaction.

Sociological Impact

By intergrating our customers with local people where possible, we encourage both parties to learn from and respect each other, be this at market place or on a mountain.

Economic Impact

Using local companies means that taxes are paid locally and can be re-invested - helping everyone there, providing jobs and encouraging economic growth.

Best Practices

We give a % of the profit from all of our tours to a community project in Peru and make donations to various other projects. Inca Trail porters get a good wage and health insurance.

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Salt Flats Of The Altiplano

Salt Flats Of The Altiplano

Salta Airport, Salta, Argentina for 15 Days • from $3,440* per person

Provider: Andean Trails (2 testimonials)

The fantastic holiday combines trekking in Argentina’s altiplano, the magnificent Salar de Uyuni of Bolivia and the arid beauty of the Atacama desert, Chile.You journey on the historical trails that the locals still use to this day, passing colourful cultures, rock formations and a dazzling array of different scenery.We start in the province of Salta, a dry and beautiful area full of vineyards and surrounded by mountains. It is in these mountains that we visit towns such as Humahuaca, Tilcara,… more

Offered Year-round
Exertion level: 3
Comfort accommodations
Max group size: 16 people
Must form your own group? No

Wilds Of Madidi

Wilds Of Madidi

La Paz Airport, Bolivia for 5 Days • from $490* per person

Provider: Andean Trails (2 testimonials)

Madidi National Park covers 4.500.000 acres (1.8 million hectares). It is home to more than 1,000 species of birds, an estimated 44% of all New World species of mammal and 38% of New World amphibians plus several thousand plant species.It is also a critical global hotspot for biodiversity conservation. You have the chance to visit the heart of Madidi National Park, travelling along the Tuichi River until you reach the Chalalán Ecolodge. more

Offered Year-round
Exertion level: 3
Simple accommodations
Max group size: 16 people
Must form your own group? Yes (custom departure). Price based on group size.

Cuba Salsa Or Spanish & Trek

Cuba Salsa Or Spanish & Trek

Santiago de Cuba for 14 Days • from $2,020* per person

Provider: Andean Trails (2 testimonials)

The trip combines intensive Spanish tuition or Cuban dance classes for one week in Santiago de Cuba, with a second week trekking in the Sierra Maestra mountains including climbing Pico Turquino (1972m), the highest peak in Cuba. The Salsa dance classes are taught by professional tutors from the Ballet Folklorico Cutumba, one of Cuba’s most famous dance and music companies whilst you study Spanish with our professionally qualified and experienced Cuban teachers. The Pico Turquino trek is accompanied by fully… more

Offered Year-round
Exertion level: 3
Comfort accommodations
Max group size: 16 people
Must form your own group? Yes (custom departure). Price based on group size.

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